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Chase Vision is an organization that is set to helping individuals and families Heal, Rebuild & Chase their Vision.

Sabrina & Quincy Chase are the founders of Chase Vision and the authors of 6 Steps to Destiny. Back in March 2016, Sabrina felt her first nudge from God to begin praying and fasting. This was not only her first time really hearing God speak to her, but it would be her first time ever doing a fast. So in thinking it was meant only for her, the Holy Spirit then led her to asking 4 other great friends. They instantly agreed and began on a journey they never imagined. They each invited a few other ladies to do a week of fasting and praying. And by the end of the 2nd day, there were over 29 ladies who had joined the mission.


Later, the ladies would form a group called Powerful Praying Women. They created a prayer line that was active 5 days a week; it even extended from just being women, to children and men both being actively involved. A year later, they would start a non-profit that’s aimed to love, uplift and give to others, just as Christ does.

In October 2017, Sabrina got another nudge from God to leave her job of Accounting and follow Him. In her mind, she planned to take the rest of the year off and find a better job by the beginning of the new year. Little did she know, she had just stepped out of the boat as Peter did, and God was in the process of making her a disciple of many. Knowing she couldn’t stay home and do nothing, she began doing Live Daily Devotions on FB. The kick to the story was that Sabrina told her husband about her resignation AFTER she did it and they had a no social media policy, which definitely only added gas to the fire. It definitely took much prayer and faith, but God’s grace prevailed and soon Quincy was more at ease and became a huge support to his wife.

A year later, it was Quincy who messaged Sabrina in the middle of the night with the name Chase Vision. From that moment on, they both began to realize, this thing was so much bigger than they knew. They got their first big break in Jan 2019 when Comedian Kerwin Claiborne began following and sharing the videos. Daily Devotion began picking up in numbers and the testimonies of many were rolling in, on how God’s word through the ministry was changing their lives. They also began doing a social gathering called Let’s Chat & Chill where adults get together to connect, interact and rediscover who they are and learn how to live on and in purpose. Their son Quincy Jr. a.k.a. KJ also became apart of the mission, by giving back to the homeless, during his birthday in November.

Chase vision is a very untraditional ministry. Their motto is Real Ratchet Religious: Real like David, Ratchet like Peter, Religious like Job. Because Sabrina & Quincy didn’t come from a family that was in ministry, they realized that God truly does take the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. It’s in their realness, that they wanted to share their story of Grace & Mercy with others who may feel lost, forsaken or unworthy and show them the true and unconditional Love of God. Chase Vision may have started out as a ministry, but its growing into a movement that shall one day, reach, touch and change the lives of millions…all by the Grace of God!

Welcome to the Chase Vision Family and from Quincy, Sabrina and KJ, we love you, bless you and thank you for being apart of our family!


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