2022 Holiday Handoff

Chasers BELIEVE the true Blessing is being a BLESSING! Join us for our 2nd Annual Holiday Handoff, as we come together to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters!

Families in Need

Please see below a snippet of each family's Holiday Help Request, and if you're interested in being a Blessing, please email us which Family you choose to Bless by including the number associated with it. If you would like to send a monetary donation to assist as needed, please see bottom of page for Donation options. *Please include the number for who the donation should be applied to when giving*

Email: info@chasevision.org

#1DS: 6 Kids, Single mother needs new basic household items because of loss due to rat infestation.

#2RS: 1 Kid, Disabled grandmother needs love seat and ottoman, as prior one is completely worn down and coming. apart, due to it being the only piece of furniture she has to sleep on. No bed for her, only 1 room for grandson.

#3TW: 1 Kid, Single mother of developmentally delayed child who needs assistance with gas bill ($666); currently working 2 part time jobs with only minimum hours given. PARTIAL PAID OF $300 towards gas

#4MW: Single woman, currently homeless, small business owner with little income, needs assistance with housing rental deposit ($650)

#5AB: 2 Kids, Single mother who is 2 months behind on rent ($1920) and utilities ($340)

#6AS: 3 Teen girls, just lost their father a week ago whom they were living with, basic assistance needed

#7KW: 4 Kids, Single mother who is 2 months behind on rent ($1800) and no extra funds to provide gifts for children

#8SB: 3 Kids, Disabled father who is living in a home with holes in the roof. Rain has come in and saturated the 1 of 2 bedrooms they have. Estimate amount of repairs ($600)

#9JD: 2 Kids, Single father who is in dire need of eye surgery ($450) (no insurance). Doctors have confirmed if nothing is done soon, he can go completely blind. 

#10MD: 5 Kids, Single mother with low-income job just asking for food and clothes for her children. PAID IN FULL

#11DN: 3 Kids, Low-income family just asking for food and clothes PAID IN FULL

#12KW: 3 Kids, Single mother in need of hot water heater, also roof repairs needed as there are several holes in ceiling. PAID IN FULL

#13IB: 2 Kids, Low-income family who just got behind on last month's rent ($600) PAID IN FULL

#14CB: 2 Kids, Single mother whose car just broke down ($850 to repair), which has caused her to miss days of work, and to fall behind on her car note. PARTIAL PAID OF $400 towards repair

#15JG: Single woman who just had intestinal surgery and got behind on last month's rent ($475)

#16KB: 3 Kids, Single Mother with low-income job who is past due on rent ($900)

#17BG: Single mother, who is now a full-time caretaker of son who suffered brain injury from a major car accident. In need of assistance with groceries, medical supplies and gas for doctor appointments.

#18MA: 2 Kids, Single Mother requesting a laptop/printer for children to have to help with schoolwork. 

#19BH: 3 Kids, Single mother who just fled abusive relationship, and just asking for help towards motel, gas and food expenses.

#20LF: 2 Kids, Low-income family just asking for a little assistance to get kids a few clothes for Christmas.

#21MM: 4 grandchildren, just asking for assistance to get them a few toys for Christmas.